WEEK FOUR 2nd class Fun Week 24.06.20 – 30.06.20

Week Three: Active School Week at Home. 15th – 19th June

2nd Class Active School Week at Home

Week TWO: Wellbeing Week. 8th – 12th June

A message from Ms. Mooney for 2nd

A message from Ms. Phelan for 2nd Class

week one: STEM ACTIVITIES. 3rd -5th June

A message for Second Class from Ms. Mooney

A message for Second Class from Ms. Phelan


Homework for Week starting May 18th

Homework for Week starting May 4th

Download here 2nd class 20.4.2020

2 nd Class
Here are the contact details for Learning Support in 2 nd class:

Special Educational Needs Teacher: SharonWalker@johnstowngns.ie
Special Educational Needs Coordinator: LisaCorbett@johnstowngns.ie



Busy at Maths 2:
Time: pp114 to120
Weight: pp104 to 107
Subtraction 2: (No renaming) pp108 to 110
3D Shapes: pp 111 to 113
*Mental Maths can be continued daily
*Tables :continue addition tables 1+ to 12+


Use Go With the Flow (Fallons) for revision of lower case letters and continue work on capital letters pages 1 and 57 onwards.


Continue with Bus na Cainte (Edco)


continue with Jolly Phonics (one lesson per week)
Ref Poetry Day Ireland activities *Poetry Day Ireland 30th April 2020
Education pack available soon to download from Poetry Ireland


Write the steps you need to take to do (a) a science experiment (see the following website)or (b)a recipe you have made
63 easy science experiments for kids using everyday items also there find 25 exercise games to do with kids indoors

*The Municipal Gallery:

Art Ed Resources (choose from the following)
1.The Kid’s Guide to the Francis Bacon Studio,
2.HL Have your say line drawings,
3. Harry Clarke Inspired Activities

*Dublin Zoo:

1. Live webcam,
2. An animal in Focus.
3. Animal Encyclopedia

Our Distance Learning Pack to Help you. Distance Learning Pack General Resources


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