WEEK FOUR Third class Fun Week 24.06.20 – 30.06.20

Week Three: Active School Week at Home. 15th – 19th June

A message from Mr. O’Connor for 3rd Class Active School Week at Home

Week TWO: Wellbeing Week. 8th – 12th June

A message from Mr. Stewart for 3rd Class

week one: STEM ACTIVITIES. 3rd – 5th June

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Classwork For Monday 18th


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Homework for Week starting 20th April

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3rd class 20.4.2020

3rd SPHE – Me & Others – Dealing with Conflict Worksheet


3rd Class
Here are the contact details for Learning Support in 3rd class:

Special Educational Needs Teacher: TrionaWalsh@johnstowngns.ie
Special Educational Needs Coordinator: LisaCorbett@johnstowngns.ie


Dear parents
Please find below a list of material that your child can work on this week and as we come up with what should have been a well-earned break and the Easter holidays. As previously highlighted we are mindful that devices are shared so we will not be prescriptive. We are also conscious that the children are between 8 and 10 years of age. We have added the log on codes for some of the books you may need to access. We have also added a long-distance learning pack full of useful websites.

There is nothing to beat the buzz of the classroom and it is a privilege to watch the children develop and grow over the course of the year. We hope we get to work with the children again in the coming weeks and months.

Best Wishes
Chris and David.


  • Mental Maths – You should have finished the previous week of work. This week you should start a new week (Monday) and complete 1 column of 20 questions each day and two problem solving questions from the same week. On Friday you should take the Friday Test and ask mum/dad to check your answers. You should use the back of the book for help each day. However, Friday test should be done without any help from back of the book.


  • Go to https://www.mathplayground.com/puzzle_pics_clocks.html and search “telling time”. This is a 5-minute video from last week that you can watch again with your child.
  • Go to www.twinkl.ie and search “Drawing the times: Quarter Past and Quarter To”. Print some blank templates and ask your child using a pencil to write out different times as practice. There are lots of worksheets on this website to practice telling the time. 3 of the pages are questions and 3 pages are the answers. So don’t let your daughter see the answers first!!!
  • Once this is done…we would like your daughter to try three games on the same website. One is called “Giraffe Pull Time. The second is called “Giraffe Race Time” and the final game is called “Puzzle Pic Clocks”.
  • Please check your child’s multiplication tables. These are vital. Our recommendation is that this week you try www.multiplication.com Click on Games. Click on Multiplication “Four in a row”. You can play against your child or your child can play against the computer.



  • Exploring Spelling – As per last week – One chapter per week. Ask a parent to test you on Friday. Some children should only be tested on 6-10 spellings instead of 16.
  • Read At Home – Continue reading one story per day and writing answers to the questions. Parents to check answers. Remember your grammar (full stops and capital letters) spellings, number the questions. Handwriting. Full sentences.
  • Adam’s Starling. Parent to Google Adam’s Starling Resources PDF. This will lead you to Scoilnet and the resources. There are questions that can be asked orally or in written form based on the chapter(s) your child has read. (Mr Stewart’s Room 6)
  • A Monster called Charlie. Read next three chapters (Mr O’Connor’s Room 5)
  • Go to www.storylineonline.net and choose the story, The Hula-Hoopin’ Queen. Listen to the story. Discuss the story with a family member using Teachers Guide on the same page as a story. The questions are on page 3.
  • Elevenses with David Walliams – Online reading with David Walliams story everyday at 11am


  • Go to www.twinkl.ie. Please sign in for free if you didn’t last week. This is revision. Go to 3rd/4th class. Click on Gaeilge. Type in Mé Féin. Go to Gaeilge Oral Language A4 cue cards. Open this file and spend 5-10 minutes with your child talking in Irish. You can print out the cue cards or just scroll down to view. Ask your child to choose a role (questions or answers). Let your child use the cue cards. Your child will also have other questions from school to ask.
  • This week Go to www.edcolearning.ie . Click on Login. Enter Username: primaryedcobooks and Enter password: edco2020. Go to P30 and your daughter should be able to write the answers to the 10 questions. “Cad atá sa seomra ranga?” means “What is in the classroom?”. Then go to page 32. This exercise also involves telling the time. “Tar éis” means after. Each clock changes by 5 minutes. So the first clock is three o’clock and then next one is 5 past three etc. “ceathrú” means “quarter” and “leathrú” means “half”.
  • Go to YouTube and search “Beidh Aonach Amárach” – by John Spillane. Listen, sing and draw a picture.
  • www.duolingo.com They have their own log in details. If they don’t for whatever reason a parent can sign them in again.

Religion: (For Children practicing)

  • Theme 7 Lesson P.58 to 63. – Holy Week and Easter. Parents might read through the pages choosing sections where appropriate to read with their daughter. This is the same as last week to bring us up to Easter.
  • Go to Twinkl and enter “The Easter Journal: Easter Traditions PowerPoint”. Your child can read this.


  •  We hope the Human Body proved interesting and you managed to make a skeleton.
  • This week your job is to go to YouTube, enter “At home science – How to make fizzy bottle rockets” and watch. The rest will be up to you and your child. (An adult must supervise this experiment)
  • There are numerous excellent science challenges on www.pbskids.org


    • If you haven’t completed last week’s Family Tree work, maybe give it a go this week
    • Even they don’t have Small World History at home. This week go to www.cjfallon.ie. Press ‘Click here’ under the Covid 19 notice. Select Primary/3rd class/SESE/Small World-Third class History. Enter the parent’s name and email address. Go to P76. The topic is Christopher Columbus. Your daughter can read the story and answer the questions on P79. She could also look at Questions C/D/ C is oral language discussion, D is creative writing.


  • Go to www.twinkl.ie and search “Christopher Columbus Explorer Map”. Print out the one page or just open the picture on a laptop/computer.
  • There is an excellent mapping site called www.yourchildlearns.com . If you go this site search “print world maps”. This allows you to print blank maps of any continent in different sizes. Your child can then map and label the route of Christopher Columbus’ three expeditions.

PE and Music:

    • Please use GoNoodle to give your child some exercise if socially isolating. These videos are a mixture of dance and meditation.
    • Practice your GAA/Football/Basketball skills if possible.
    • The Body Coach – Joe Wicks YouTube Channel 9am Mon-Fri. For the earlier risers!!!
    • Cosmic Yoga on YouTube
    • 10 at 10 on RTE Junior




    • Our recommendation this week is the work of Wasslay Kandinsky on Twinkl.
    • Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems




    • Please use www.code.org with username and password. If your child doesn’t have her password, they can start afresh.
      Www.scratch.mit.edu Excellent for coding.


  • Spellingcity
  • DK findout
  • National Geographic
  • Kiddle.co
  • Sarahwebb.info
  • Literacy Shed
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga

THIS WEEKS Download the PDF and Print it. Work for the week wc 30th March 2020
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