1. English.

Please continue to read your novel ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’. Those that have completed it now can begin a book review. In it, please include your favourite character, your reasons for choosing this character, and quotes/examples from the book that tell you about the character’s personality. Also, talk about a chapter that made you feel strongly (happy, sad or scared) and give details of what happened in the chapter.

2. English additional:

If parents can get a copy of the film version, the girls are asked to watch it. There are 2 films, the animated one from 1979 or the more recent one (with actors) from 2005. Here is a link with the animated version, it appears to be missing a very small portion of the start.
If they get to watch it, the girls can then identify, in writing, 3 differences between the book and the movie. They can choose whether they preferred the book and give reasons for their choice. Some may even decide to watch both movies, if available!

3. Maths.

New tasks and tutorials based on division have now been assigned to all girls on their Study Ladder account. Please have a discussion on reviewing the tasks and decide where to start (some may need to go back over division with no remainders, for example).

4. Science.

Begin to brainstorm a scientific question (via investigation/experiment) of your own, based on Science and Technology in familiar contexts. For example, questions related to cooking, heating, hoovers, fridges, washing machines, toasters, design of tables, chairs, pens, conveyer belts in shops, food packaging, cars.

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