[text_block text=”‹¨›p‹˜›Hello to all the Johnstown girls and your families,‹¨›/p‹˜›‹¨›p‹˜›We are missing all of you and hope that you and all in your families are safe and well at this strange time when school is closed and we are all keeping social distance.I hope that you are finding many wonderful ways to keep busy at home. Your teachers have put some work on our school website www.johnstowngns.com which in set out for each class. However, this work is just a suggestion and does not have to be done.‹¨›br /‹˜›Education happens in many, many ways and you girls will return to us with so many new skills learned at home during this time, so no pressure.‹¨›br /‹˜›Please follow our school twitter account ‹¨›strong‹˜›‹¨›a href‹´›‹²›https://twitter.com/GoodCounselGNS‹²› target‹´›‹²›_blank‹²› rel‹´›‹²›noopener‹²›‹˜›@GoodCounselGNS‹¨›/a‹˜› ‹¨›/strong‹˜›and our ‹¨›strong‹˜›Parents’ Association ‹¨›a href‹´›‹²›https://twitter.com/jpaconnect‹²› target‹´›‹²›_blank‹²› rel‹´›‹²›noopener‹²›‹˜›@JPAConnect‹¨›/a‹˜›‹¨›/strong‹˜› where you will find so many creative ideas that I will share from other Schools as well as some of our own each day. This will provide great variety. In the last two days, I shared John Boyne’s story competition and Dublin Zoo’s animal challenge, as well as‹¨›br /‹˜›Sarah Webb’s writing workshops. But it is very important to remember that you can be silly too and have LOTS of fun and enjoy this new life for as long as it lasts.‹¨›br /‹˜›It has been a very hard week in our school community as we said farewell to Jackie, (RIP) our lovely SNA, who worked in The Meadow. I have put her favourite flowers at the top of this letter, so when you see yellow tulips think of Jackie and all in your school family, and look forward to seeing everybody again. If you do interesting things at home tweet it and share it, take lots of photos, keep a Corona Diary as this will all make for great oral language‹¨›br /‹˜›discussions when we open school again.‹¨›/p‹˜›‹¨›p‹˜›Finally, remember very specially in a little prayer, Jackie’s family, and also Audrey, who is recovering at home.‹¨›/p‹˜›‹¨›p‹˜›‹¨›strong‹˜›STAY SAFE, MIND EACH OTHER,‹¨›/strong‹˜› and be thankful for what we have.‹¨›br /‹˜›Ms. Quinn‹¨›/p‹˜›” _fw_coder=”aggressive” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”51e66ef84e70cbd3e0ea1ba031838aec”][/text_block]
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