Mission Statement:

Our Lady of Good Counsel GNS is a school community where self-growth, self-development and self-expression are allowed to flourish.

Shared Vision Statement:

In an ever-changing world, we in Our Lady of Good Counsel GNS will endeavour, through the pursuit of excellence and positive learning experiences, to enable each child to develop her full potential.  We will provide an education in a supportive and caring environment, by nurturing a climate of tolerance and acceptance, and a sincere confidence in the beliefs and values of our school ethos.  Our hope is to give our pupils roots and then wings.


We hope

to enable our children to have a full life as children;
  • to leave this school with the necessary life skills to become confident, and respectful emergent citizens;
  • to view the children as central to all our (educational) endeavours;
  • to view the parents as critical to the decision-making process.

We're always learning