Well done to the Johnstown Basketball Team on their success in the Dublin Primary School Mini Basketball league 2017!  See below for the report from Ciara Hanney and Liadh Burns (Team captains)

On Tuesday the 24th of October, we played 2 matches in Rathdown.  Our first match was against Rathdown and our second match was against Rathnee.  They were tough matches but we got lucky in the end and won both of them.  Against such tough opposition, our team played so well and never gave up.

Thursday the 23rd of November was very exciting as we went off to play our final in the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght.  It was an aggressive match, but we fought for it hard.  At the end of the first quarter, we were leading 10-2 and we continued to stay ahead throughout the match with the final score being 24-8.

We had great support on the day from our parents and Mrs Walsh.  We got invaluable advice from our coach Jay and his cries of ‘Pass’, ‘Half-court defence’, ‘Mark up’, ‘Get under the basket’, ‘Rebound’ were some of the advice he gave us during the match.

After the match, we all got medals and a trophy for the school.  On the trophy is says ‘Dublin Primary School Mini Basketball League 2017’.

We were all so happy that we had got medals and had won another trophy for our school!

Johnstown Basketball Team:

  1. Liadh Burns – captain
  2. Ciara Hanney – captain
  3. Sine McGrane
  4. Anna Doyle
  5. Shannon Downing
  6. Evie Dowling
  7. Katelyn Harper
  8. Eavan Bresnan
  9. Lucy Campbell
  10. Aoife McDonald
  11. Rachel Bonnar
  12. Alia Hall
  13. Shira Green
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