April 3rd, 2020

Dear Parents and Girls,

I write to you today as the Easter holidays begin. This is a strange note as I have not seen all of you since March 12th. I have been in contact with our lovely staff and they all say the same thing. They miss you every day, your beautiful smiles that flood the school with sunshine, as well as your infectious enthusiasm for all your learning.

I know that you have been learning lots of different things in very different ways, as well as completing work set by your teachers, which goes to show you that we learn all the time, and learning is all around us.
Any work posted by teachers is available online through our school website www.johnstowngns.com. A special mention should be given to Joe Garde, parent, and member of JPA, who has been a huge support since the closure was announced. Remember to follow us on twitter @GoodCounselGNS

But now it is time to leave the books aside as the Easter holidays start. Now it is time to do lots more fun things. Time to bake Easter cakes, cupcakes, Easter nests and lots of other goodies for your families. You can also make Easter decorations to decorate your house, as well as Easter cards for your grandparents and other family members. How about putting some Easter pictures in your windows? You could also make some pictures and Thank You notes for all our frontline staff helping to look after us all at this time. Finally, you could plant some seeds in pots or in the garden, or even plant some vegetables in pots, and watch them grow. I am working in my greenhouse and planting vegetables and other plants.

Parents, you deserve a huge vote of thanks in keeping the girls going with their school work and helping them to build up lots of new skills while they are at home. I know this has not been easy while trying to juggle working from home also. To those of you out working in any kind of essential services at this time for the good of all of us, we say a huge thank you. This pandemic has affected all of our houses in many different ways, some very painful, and we should remember to be kind to ourselves and to each other as we live a very different kind of life.

We remember especially Jackie’s family and friends as we celebrate Easter, and hope that they find the strength to carry their great sadness. We wish Audrey well in her continued recovery and look forward to seeing her back at school at some stage in the future.
Finally, we wish you all the blessings of the Easter Season and a well-earned rest with some pleasant weather…….we hope!


We're always learning