Class Level: First Class – work for the week

Teachers: Mr. A. Gleeson
Ms. E. Harpur


Mental Maths


  • Textbook: New Wave Mental Maths

    Ms. E. Harpur: Week 25 & Week 26 (10 questions per day).

    Mr. A. Gleeson: Week 26 & Week 27 (10 questions per day).

  • Tables

    Textbook: Tables Book

    Addition Tables: Revision of +1 up to +10

    New: +11 and +12




  • Textbook: Grammar 1 – Pupil Book

    Ms. E. Harpur: Spelling 25 (ou) pg.50&51 & Spelling 26 (ow) pg.52&53

    Mr. A. Gleeson: Spelling 26 (ow) pg.52&53 & Spelling 27 (oi) pg.54&55.


Project Work


  • Research & Create project(s) on topic(s) of interest; countries, animals, pastimes, historical topics of interest (only suggestions – all other ideas welcome!)

    Be creative in the project presentation options available to the pupils.


Any other suggestions



  • D.E.A.R. Time (Daily) – Drop Everything And Read – Reading for Pleasure.

    Written Options: Free Writing (narrative), Procedural Writing (recipes, instructional writing),

    Recount Writing (Daily Diary Entries), Report Writing (Factual Writing based on a topic of interest), Book Reviews.

    Themes: Spring/Lent/Easter/An Chaisc/An t-Earrach

    Wordsearches (based on the above mentioned themes), crosswords, dot-to-dot activities, sudoko, mazes.


Homemade Science Experiments


  • Engage with STEM challenges

    Creative tasks & activities; art & craft activities, baking, cooking, gardening.

    Daily physical activities.

Recommended Websites


youtube – cbeebies bedtime stories
youtube – just dance
youtube – cosmickidsyoga
youtube – Dr Bionics

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