Active School Week at Home – End of Week

Active School Week at Home – Halfway There

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Johnstown Active School Week at Home (PDF List)

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Kicking Activities

Kicking PDF

Running Activities

Running PDF

Throwing Activities

Throwing PDF

Balancing Activities

Balancing PDF

Landing Activities

Landing PDF

Traditional Sports Day Activities

Traditional Sports Day PDF


Mr. Gleeson’s Dance Challenges

Dance Challenge 1 (‘The Macarena’)

Dance Challenge 2 (Line Dancing)

Dance Challenge 3 (‘Shake it Off’ by Taylor Swift)


Gráinne’s Fitness Challenges

  1. Squat Challenge
  2. Plank Challenge
  3. Wall Sit Challenge
  4. Shoe Challenge


Tennis Activities

Tennis Activities PDF

Tennis at Home Skills Sheet


Create Your Own Obstacle Course

Create Your Own Obstacle Course PDF

Make a Smoothie

Let’s Make a Smoothie 

Soccer Activities:

Soccer Activities


Yoga Activities: 

  1. Yoga Activity Videos PDF
  2. Garden Yoga for Children
  3. Single Balances Poster
  4. Pair Balance Poses


Martial Arts Activities:

Martial Arts Youtube Activity 



Johnstown Orienteering Challenge


Exercise Circuit:

  1. Home Exercise Circuit PDF
  2. Brain Breaks PDF


Eimear’s Basketball Challenges

Challenge 1 – Basketball Handling 

Challenge 2 – Basketball Throw and Catch

Challenge 3 – Basketball Advanced Bouncing


Mr. O’Connor GAA Challenges:

  1. Ball Handling Activities PDF
  2. Challenge No. 1
  3. Challenge No. 2
  4. Challenge No. 3


Parachute Activities:

Parachute Activities PDF

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