Following on from the Fourth Classes’ fantastic singing at the National Children’s Choir,  some of the girls represented the class, and also sang at the National Concert Hall. Read what they thought of the experience, and have a look at photos below.

The National Children’s Choir was a wonderful experience, it improved my singing voice.  The songs were such a mix, some very slow and peaceful while others were fast and catchy.  If I could choose one song to sing again it would be the ‘Rhythm Of Life’ because it was so fast and at times quite a tongue-twister! So a huge thanks to everyone who had something to do with The National Children’s Choir!

By Eve

Fourth class was singing for the National Children Choir, it was a great experience, we sang in Tallaght it was one of the best memories for all of us.  It was wonderful just great!  I was very thankful to be picked to represent the school at the National Concernt Hall – some girls were picked to represent Johnstown school. I am so glad that i did the national childrens choir

By Caoimhe

I was glad I did National Childrens choir. I had to practice so much I really improved my voice. It was also a great experience and it felt great standing on stago with people watching us sing. My favourrite song was probably Journey of Hope. Ms Walsh helped me learn the songs and I’m really glad she did. If I had to rate doing it I would give it 9/10.

By Ailbhe


I loved doing the National Children’s choir . it was a great experience because not everyone could say they have sang at the National Concert hall.  We had to to practise all the time and sometimes  we didn’t want to go to  it, but it was  worth it in the end. Ms Walsh helped us so much, without her we would not have  been singing on such a big stage. She also gave up her time ever afternoon to practise the songs with us. My favourite song is The Poet Sings.  If I was told to do it again, I would say yes.   I would rate this 10/10

By Crea

Have a look at a few of the girls with Mary Kennedy, who was the compere for the evening.



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