The school held our Proclamation Day on Tuesday 15th.   It was a proud moment for the school, and the sun even appeared for our ceremony!  Have a look at what we did…


The new flag was raised by the youngest and oldest girls in the school.


The raised flag.


The Irish Proclamation was read by teachers in the school.


DSC_0155 DSC_0154

Our School Proclamation was read by Ms Quinn and the Student Council.  This new Proclamation was a combination of each of the classes own Proclamations.


The girls in the school who were the signatories on our School Proclamation.


We then moved inside to the halla, and the 2 fourth classes sang ‘World in Union’ and ‘Imagine’.


The school band played some music, and we ended with singing ‘Lá Breithe’ to the flag! It was a great day!

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