Our Parents’ Association

As a parent/guardian, you are an automatic member of our Parents’ Association.

An executive of 8 parents/guardians runs the Parents’ Association.  Their names are available from the school office. Or on the JPAConnect.com website.

Your ideas and support will be crucial in helping to make the Parents’ Association a success.  From time to time during the year, the Parents’ Association runs meetings, talks, events, and fundraisers.
These contribute greatly to the social life of the school.  They are also a means of getting to know new people, while at the same time making a real contribution to your child’s education.

Remember PARENTS are the Association, so please do get involved.  Parental input is welcome at all times, and we are always on the lookout for new ideas and areas to explore.

 To view the Parents’ Association website, please click:



A Garda Vetting Form is required to join the committee. All volunteers are required to go through thIS process too.

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