Head Lice/Care of the Hair

It is the policy of the Board of Management of this school that where head lice is detected in any classroom, a standard note is circulated to parents/guardians of all children in the class informing them of the problem.

The note outlines the suggested procedures to be followed in an effort to prevent the spread of the headlice and ultimately to eradicate the problem.

If the problem persists in the classroom a second note is sent out as a reminder that all children need to be checked. The staff members working with the children of that class will be vigilant in identifying where the problem persists. The parents/guardians will be notified by the teacher with a view to trying to eradicate the problem. If the child is not collected by a parent then the school will contact them by phone. If a continual problem persists at this stage the parents/guardians will be asked to take the child home (as a matter of health and safety), treat the hair, and allow the child to return to school when the problem has been eradicated.




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