Hi everyone, We hope that you are keeping well and all staying safe. During this time, it is important to look after your wellbeing and physical health too.

Here are some activities that you might like to try at home to keep physically fit and healthy.

– ‘Home Activities Week 1 and 2 Exercise Pack’ – This pack shows daily circuit training activities for you to try at home. Each page is a daily challenge, choose one page a day, test yourself, and see how well you do. These exercises are suitable for children from 1st, class to 6th class.

-Home videos courtesy of Stretch-N-Grow are useful for Junior and Senior Infants. The videos are currently on Stretch-N-Grow’s Facebook page so you will need an adult to access these and to help you with them. A new video is put up every day so feel free to try out their exercises. You can also look back at some of their older videos and try these too.


As well as this, Joe Wickes does a daily exercise workout video which you can watch and participate in from 9.am every day. Cosmic Yoga on YouTube has fun yoga and mindfulness activities that the children are familiar with.
Go Noodle is another website for fun exercise activities that children are familiar with. Have fun exercising!

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