Hello to all the Johnstown girls and your families,

Welcome to Term 3, a strange way to start our term. We are still missing all of you and hope that you and all in your families are safe and well at this time when school is closed and we are all keeping social distance. I hope that you continue to find many wonderful ways to keep busy at home.
The teachers have put some new work on our school website www.johnstowngns.com, which is set out for each class level for the next two weeks. However, this work is just a suggestion or a menu of work that could be done.
Education, as I said before, happens in many, many ways and I look forward to your girls returning to us with so many new skills learned at home during this time, so no pressure. All homes are affected by this pandemic in different ways. Some homes are trying to share devices, others do not have adequate connectivity, other homes have parents on the front line working in many different areas, and others are trying to work from home. Please do not add to your stress about covering school work.

Please follow our school twitter account @GoodCounselGNS and our Parents’ Association
@JPAConnect, where you will find so many creative ideas that I will share from other
schools as well as some of our own each day. This will provide great variety, such as tuning in Joe Wicks, Body Coach, every day through YouTube as well as to TG4 9-9.30am for Cúla4. RTE School Hub starts each day 11 am 12 noon and I have posted this week’s timetable on twitter. This is suited to 1st-6th class pupils.

But it is very important to remember that you can be silly too and have LOTS of fun and enjoy this new life for as long as it lasts. If you do interesting things at home tweet it and share it, take lots of photos, and do not forget to keep your Corona Diary as this will all make for great oral language discussions when we open school again.

All teachers have furnished you with an email address for contact in relation to schoolwork. Please reserve your communication for appropriate messages with regard to work set for the girls, and during appropriate times as in school hours. We also request that you furnish the school with a relevant parental email address to
LisaCorbett@johnstowngns.ie this week in order to further communicate with parents. The decisions in relation to the sacraments of Confirmation and First Communion do not lie with the school. As soon as we have word on this we will inform you.

Finally, Parents, again I remind you, please do not stress about school work. We will get all of the girls back on track when we re-open the school. All children are in the same place. We will pick up our academic work on our return. So for now, share your calm strength and most of all share your laughter with your children. Thank you to our wonderful staff, who have spent the last few days collaborating on posting work for all their classes.
Sometimes all our children need is our presence. Feeling safe is not about living in a perfect world, it is about living in the real world, but with the support of a loving connection.

STAY SAFE, MIND EACH OTHER, and be thankful for what we have.



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